Produce flexible packaging pouches for the global market
Gusseted Bags


Durable Bags to Hold Large and Bulk Items

A Side Gusseted Bag has expandable side pleats, equal in size, with many different types of seals available. Once the bag is filled, it squares out.


       1\ Maximize the capacity

       2\ Offer extra durability and capable of packaging heavier products

       3\ One way degassing valve perfect for coffee packaging

Various features can also be incorporated into gusset bag, such as:

        - Can be Supplied in Roll or in Pouch form (Zipper & Stand-up pouch will be supplied in pouch form only)

        - Suitable for high speed packing lines

        - High performance pouches Food grade inks

        - Vibrantly printed colors and graphics

        - Solvent free laminates

        - Excellent oxygen & moisture or light barriers

        - Chemical resistance

        - Superior puncture or tear resistance

        - Easy tear propagation, Excellent burst strength & Ideal stiffness

        - Low coefficient of friction (ideal for certain types of filling equipment)

        - Heat & Cold sealability, Ability to seal through contamination

        - More functional options you can choose